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Instructions on completing this application

Please fill out this form, but do not show your answers to the proposed Trainee.

If you think will need to save this online form, to complete at a later time, please click here and register to create an account on this site. You will then have the capability to save the form for later editing and completion using the Save Draft link at the end of the form. Otherwise, please set aside adequate time to enter all information, or use the form on the MTN Documents page.

All additional information including extract minutes and budgets should accompany your application.

Please contact PCQ Church Offices on 07 3106 3266 or email if you have any questions.

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Important Information


Acceptance into MTN involves an interview of both Trainer and Trainee held, in most instances, in October or November at a suitable location. You will be advised of these details.


The minimum stipend for MTN Trainees is determined from time to time by the Stipends Commission of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. Some churches elect to pay the whole stipend whilst other churches can only support the trainee with assistance from other funding sources.

When will you know?

The Committee on Ministry Resourcing will endeavour to let you know the result of your application by mid November, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Your Answers

Please fill in your answers below under each relevant question, giving a reasonable amount of detail as appropriate.
The Committee on Ministry Resourcing may withdraw funding at any time if the Trainer or the Trainee fail to meet the requirements of the Ministry Traineeship (e.g. non-attendance at Training Days, failing to provide reports, etc).

Document Checklist

Please email the following to as soon as possible:
⃞     An extract minute from a Congregational Meeting approving the funding and employment of the proposed MTN Trainee.
⃞     A Church budget for the employment of the proposed MTN Trainee for the next two years.
Before clicking the submit button, please ensure you have the above documents to email as attachments to, being sure to also include the Subject Line "MTN Application" and your name and church name.